Ken’s Feed Store Inc.

Ken's Feed Store Inc stems back to the beginning during 1953 in Sutherland, Iowa. Ken Maurer (father of Gail, Cindy and Brad) started the business as a bag store providing animal feed products to the customers. With multiple customers, Ken's Feed Store grew quickly. During the year of 1990 they purchased a grain elevator in Calumet, IA. Brad moved over to the Calumet location full time in 1992, offering both cattle feed and a grain elevator.

For more than 50 years, Ken's Feed Store has prided themselves in being a reliable and trusted business for animal feed, grain handling and fuel delivery throughout northwest Iowa. We are known for meeting tough deadlines while delivering the best service possible. We aim to create a responsive customer relationship that allows us to meet and even exceed the goals of each and every customer.

Today, Co-owners Gail, Cindy and Brad are what make up Ken's Feed Store. Carrying on the business in there fathers footsteps is all Ken ever wanted.


Co-Owner and Sutherland Management


Co-Owner and Calumet Management


Co-Owner and Finance Manager